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"Capt" Kirk Feagin

Guitar Instructor,

Owner & Founder of Feagin's Fretboard

"Capt" Kirk Feagin is the founder of Feagin's Fretboard and a beloved guitar instructor. Kirk specializes in teaching metal shred guitar and theory. His unsurpassed teaching strategy will have you playing like your guitar heroes in no time at all. Kirk teaches acoustic guitar as well as blues, classical, and classic rock. He brings to the table over 44 years of experience including opening for the late heavy metal icon band Pantera. "Capt" Kirk is also known as being the founder of the Rock Band/Music Production program at Andrada High School in the Vail School District. He also teaches guitar part time at Desert Christian High School. 


"Capt" Kirk is not currently accepting new students

Dominick Lalli

Guitar Instructor

Dominick has had experience organizing and playing in rock bands since 6th grade. He has been an avid guitar player for over 7 years and a drummer for over 4 years. He loves to play Live performances. He is inspired by many different live musicians and producers. As well as bands like Twin Peaks. He likes to focus on writing his own music during free time. He really enjoys the local music scene. Dominick is open to playing all genres of music (Indie, Hard Rock, Classical, Pop, Country) and loves to face everything in music with a can do attitude.

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Zack Woolstenhulme

Piano and Guitar Instructor

Zackary Woolstenhulme is a professional pianist, guitarist and bassist who started playing around the age of 7. He once was a student under Feagins Fretboard. Zackary has played with many bands and has experience with the local music scene. He is currently studying music at the University of Arizona.

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Mary Desmidt

Piano/Voice Instructor

Marcus Jones

Piano/Bass Instructor

Mary Desmidt teaches piano and vocals here at Feagin’s with nine years of prior experience in both. She has also played viola for six years. Mary sung with the Tucson Girls Chorus and has performed as a soloist. She has also been a part of several bands. Mary studied music theory for several years, which she utilizes now to teach her students. She is a talented teacher beloved by everyone she has taught. She works very well with people of all ages. With her upbeat attitude and encouraging disposition, she’ll make sure you get the most out of your lessons!

The newest addition to Feagin’s Fretboard, Marcus Jones is an avid music lover who is always eager to play with anyone. He is passionate about playing piano and bass, Especially when playing musical genres such as Hip Hop, Soul and Jazz. In a matter of no time at all, he’ll have your kid jamming out to anything! Marcus has been playing the Piano for 5 years and the Bass Guitar for 4 years. He often participates in playing Bass with his own band that specializes in playing musical genres like Pop Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock and Punk Rock. On his own, Marcus studies Jazz piano and loves to produce his own works making instrumental music. He believes that anyone has the power to create music even when starting from ground zero. Marcus is super eager to build basic piano and bass skills from the ground up and taking them to the next level. He encourages a relaxed, easy going and fun experience to people of all ages and never wants anyone to feel any pressure. Marcus is very excited to jam out and build  up the next generation of young musicians.

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Austin Keyes

Drum Instructor

Austin is a professional drummer and instructor here in Tucson. Austin is a very accomplished drummer and has been performing for over a decade in the Tucson music scene. Austin is a very versatile drummer and has a background in marching band as well.  He mentored under the great drum instructor Fred Hayes here in Tucson for more than a decade. Austin will have you reaching your goals in no time at all, whether you are on an old pro or just picking up your sticks for the first time.

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