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Rock Band Program


Feagin’s Fretboard works to place interested kids and adults in existing bands - or build new ones - based on age, style, genre preferences, and chemistry. Good placement is critical, as band members will be working together to decide what they want to play and how they want to play it. Sometimes the placement process can take a while, so if you’re interested, drop us a line and let us know what you play and what you’re looking for!


Weekly 90-minute practice sessions are held in one of three Rock Band studios. Bands might spend this time learning, writing, or recording music, rehearsing for upcoming shows, or working with their instructors on specific techniques. Our instructors adapt to the needs of each band: an adult band may only need them to set up, troubleshoot, or sit in, whereas a younger band might rely on them to direct the sessions and keep things moving.


In music, performance can accelerate learning. Playing live gives musicians goals to work towards and opportunities to showcase their talent and progress, entertain family and friends, and enrich community culture. Rock Band performance opportunities include:

  • Four seasonal concerts at the Civano Rotunda

  • One-off shows like the St. Pawtricks Day adoption fest

  • Recurring events like Second Saturdays & Vail Pride Day


Rock Band members are charged a flat $125 per month, on the 1st of the month, via Autopay. Should Feagin’s Fretboard have to cancel a band’s scheduled session for reasons that are beyond our control (e.g. a water main break or sick instructor) and we are unable to schedule a makeup session within the month, each band member will be reimbursed $28 for that session. Rock Band fees will be prorated for new members who join mid-month. 

Existing bands currently seek:

  • Adult drummer (rock)

  • Adult singer (rock)

  • 13 - 17 year old hand drummer (alternative)

Always recruiting for emerging bands:

  • Drummers

  • Guitarists (rhythm & lead)

  • Bassists

  • Singers

  • Keys

Ready to rock?

Shoot us an email or text us at (520) 820-5847​

to see if Rock Band is right for you!

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