Feagin's Fretboard - Helping People Fullfill Their Dreams Through Music
About Us
Feagin's Fretboard is committed to teaching guitar, bass, and drums to people of all ages; we have students from ages 7 to 70, who range from beginning to intermediate experience. Our teaching schedules are flexible and will fit your needs (we understand that your time is precious). Our music studio is located right in the heart of Civano at 10501 East Seven Generations Way Suite #104, Tucson, Az. 85747.
We teach all types of guitar including rock, heavy metal, classical, fingerpicking acoustic, and blues. We also teach various styles in the other instruments we offer instruction in. Our founder's specialty is playing lead guitar and helping people write and record music. We also help train and equip guitarists for church worship music; as well as help them achieve the "right sound".
Office Phone:
(520) 603-2641 or 1-877-205-4373